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Just over 50% of the way there!

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

It’s fantastic to see and feel just how supportive so many people have been of this home-grown movement. So far thanks to some incredible generosity we’ve raised just over 50% of our initial target of £5,000. Thank you.

Your donations have been valuable in supporting us in purchasing the three elements needed - the 3D printer filament, elastic, and clear plastic sheeting. With more donations we can buy these items in bulk, which greatly reduces the production cost of each visor, taking it down from around £1.10 to 80p per item. All the money raised is used directly either to purchase the materials needed to produce the PPE visors, or to pay for the fuel costs of distributing them to the workers that so desperately need them.

Rob, the de-facto founder of this local movement, has filmed a little thank you video. We are closer to reaching our goal, so if you would like to help then you can go to to donate. Please also do share the fundraising page and details of our collective on your social media networks and help us to help Oxfordshire’s dedicated frontline staff.

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