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A Big Delivery

On the 20th April we were able to make our largest delivery to date. 700 PPE face-shields were dropped off at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford ready for the medics to put them to use. The feedback from the staff has been brilliant, and they’re hoping that they won’t need any more in the immediate future allowing us to send out visors to many other organisations.

To date 54 organisations have benefited from just under 2500 visors that have been produced by our volunteers and we’re managing to get them out all over the country – even as far as Scotland! Not just hospitals but care homes, pharmacies, and GP surgeries have all had deliveries of this much needed PPE from us. You can see the latest delivery locations here.

Here’s a few messages we’ve received from the people using the shields themselves:


"Thank you so much for your generosity." – Stowford House Care Home

"Wow thank you so much, this is incredible you have no idea how much your kind support means to me and the rest of the team." - The Myton Hospices, Coventry

If you are part of a centre that needs PPE face-shields then get in touch with us. Use the contact form on our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

And please, if you can spare anything, we’d be enormously grateful of a donation to help cover the costs of printing and distribution. Just click here.

Stay safe.

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