Supplying PPE Visors for Frontline Workers

Our community movement.

We are an Oxford-based collective who began by using 3D printers to make PPE visors for local medics. Now we are makers, logistics people, outreach, admin, social media geeks, drivers, courier bikers, and medics all working together to help our NHS and clinicians abroad.


After making upwards of 13,000 3D visors to a Danish government approved design, we have now turned to a commercial die-cutting manufacturer and can commission visors with rapid turnaround.  The new visor is a remix of a design certified for higher risk medical roles. We are currently awaiting ‘CE accreditation’ for the improved design.



Help us raise funds for manufacture and delivery. 


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Find out more about our high-capacity manufacturing process.

Find out more about our 3D printing process available to anyone with a 3D printer and a few materials.

If you are a hospital, care home, GP centre or any other medical institution in the UK in need of protective face shields please get in touch to request visors.


Over 11,000 masks delivered to date.


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