Supplying PPE face shields for Frontline Workers internationally


In the Covid-19 pandemic, the world needs PPE.

We are able to produce and donate large quantities of face shields quickly for front line workers who are coming face to face with Covid-19.  


After supplying the UK, our focus is on international Covid-19 hotspots. Please place an order with us, or help us to fund deliveries to poorly-funded medical services around the world.  


We are a non-profit-making community movement, so any money raised will go to deserving recipients around the world.

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UK orders:

In the UK, we are able to supply large or small quantities to businesses which may need them. Your purchase will help to pay for international delivery to a global region in need.

International and bulk orders:

We offer packs of 10 for as little as £20 with discounts applicable for larger orders.

Not able to pay?

Please get in touch anyway.


Help us make a difference globally by donating funds to support manufacture and distribution


Where have we supplied so far?


An important note to makers and manufacturers around the world.

We have the expertise and guidance to help you make face shields near to where they are needed. Don’t buy them from us if you’re able to manufacture them yourself, and avoid shipping costs and delay.

See our pages on 3D printing of face shields, vinyl/die cutting and larger scale commercial manufacture.

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